Heiraten in Dänemark

Paar Heiraten

marriage in Denmark

download forms

For the arrangement of a wedding in denmark, aswell as for the authentication of the marriage certificate and the issuance of new certificates, you have to fill-out and send us several forms.

Below you can download the required forms. Fill them out on your computer and print them to sign them.

notice of marriage (english): download notice of marriage (to apply for your wedding appointment)
order form (english): download order form (to order the services of RCL Service)
power of attorney (english): download power of attorney (for the issuance of a new marriage certificate)

Eheerklärung (deutsch): download Eheerklärung (für die Beantragung eines Heiratstermins)
Auftragsformular (deutsch): download Auftragsformular (für die Beauftragung von RCL Service)
Vollmacht (deutsch): download Vollmacht (für die Neuausstellung der Heiratsurkunde)


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