Heiraten in Dänemark

Paar Heiraten

marriage in Denmark

requirements and documents

Read below which documents are required for a marriage in Denmark and which persons can get married.


necessary documents:

Danish authorities require the following documents:

  • passport (bei EU-Bürger ist der Personausweis ausreichend)
  • if necessary: residence permit or visa *
  • certificate of marital status *
  • certificate of birth
  • if diworced / widowed: divorce degree / death certificate

* important: read below important information

who can marry in Denmark?

can marry in Denmark:

  • EU Bürger
  • Inhaber gültiger Schengen-Visa
  • Inhaber gültiger Aufenthaltstitel (Schengen-Gebiet)
  • Bürger aus visafreien Staaten *
  • Inhaber einer Fiktionsbescheinigung *

cannot marry in Denmark:

  • asylum seeker
  • holder of an exeptional leave to remain
  • persons without legal residence verification

* important: read below important information

certificate of marital status: In Germany the certificate of marital status is the so called "Aufenthaltsbescheinigung", which is issued by the registration office. It contains details about the domicile and the current marital status. If somebody lifes more than one year outside his home contry, it is needed also a marital status of the host country.

fictional certificate: The fictional certificate is only accepted by the danish authorities, if it is crossed "der Aufenthaltstitel als fortbestehend (§81 Abs.4 AufenthG)" german fictional certificate).

language of the documents: Danish authorities accept documents written in danish, german or english. Documents in other languages have to be certified translated.

age of the documents: The registration card / certificate of marital status should not be older than 4 months. For the other documents the  validity date is not important.

divorced / widowed: Should one of the partners have been already divorced or widowed, the respective documents have to be legalized. You can read under information how it works.

military personnel: US and British military personnel stationed in Germany need the ID-card and a permission for marriage from the commanding officer, stating your marital status (affidavit) and the permission to travel to Denmark.

Contact us, to inform you what are the requirements in your specific case.


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