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Easy and fast marriage!

RCL Service offers you an interesting solution: a wedding in Denmark. A marriage in Denmark is the best alternative, because it is fast, simple, unbureaucratic and above all, economical.

Compared to a marriage in other countries, a wedding in Denmark is not complicated, especially for binational couples, or couples who simply want to marry fast.

Please note that we can not answer any questions at this time and can not organize any wedding ceremonies. We apologize for any inconvenience.

We help you to marry in Denmark and offer you:

flagge heirat dänemark
  • quick and easy wedding appointments in Denmark

  • consultation concerning the necessary documents

  • in rush cases short-term wedding appointments

  • if desired, a wedding without minimum stay

  • a big variety of civil registries

  • authentication of the marriage certificate (apostille and legalisation)

  • new issuance of marriage certificates

Marriage in Denmark - the easy way to get married

Rosen HeiratenBinational couples who want to marry is not a problem, if both partners are EU-citizens. For Non-EU-citizens with indefinite residence permits or visas, it is very complicated to marry, because the authorities ask for the impossible documents for a marriage.

But what to do, when one of the partners simply has a temporary visa and doesn´t want to be separated, and not having enough time to prepare the required papers? Some of the papers requiered for a marriage are either very difficult to obtain or takes very long time before they are delivered, so that leaving before of the wedding cannot be avoided. It can even happen, that some documents aren´t valid anymore until the last needed papers are prepared. This situation is nerve-wracking, time-consuming and, under certain circumstances, very expensive.

In principle everybody who stays legally in the Schengen area can marry in Denmark. Under documents we have a detailed list of what documents are needed for a wedding and of who can marry in Denmark and. Under information you´ll find important guidelines regarding the marriage in Denmark.

Look under our service what we offer you regarding a marriage in Denmark and decide, if you find something adequate for you. Contact us, and we advice you non-binding what are the procedures in your specific case for a marriage.

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Arranging of unbureaucratic weddings in Denmark...

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Arranging of unbureaucratic weddings in Denmark and authentication of the marriage certificate with the Apostille...

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Authentication of the marriage certificate with the Apostille...

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Legalisation or the marriage certificate at the respective embassy...

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Issuance of a new marriage certificate

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Ringe für die Heirat

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The easy and fast alternative to a marriage in other countries