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certificate of marital status

In Germany the certificate of marital status is the so called "Aufenthaltsbescheinigung", which is issued by the registration office. It contains details about the domicile and the current marital status. If somebody lifes more than one year outside his home contry, it is needed also a marital status of the host country.

A certificate of marital status of the home country is not necessary if:

  • the person was divorced in the host country and is still living there.
  • the person is living in the host country since under 18 (must be shown by a certificate).

Bescheinigung zum HeiratenPlease note, that the most civil registries don´t accept affidavits as certificates of marital status. A certificate from the local authorities or the county clerks office is necessary with the statement, that there is no marriage registered.

For certificates of marital status which are not from the EU, USA, Canada, Australia or New Zealand, the authentication with the apostille or legalisation is necessary.

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